Codycross Answers

Codycross is a free puzzle game developed by It is available for both Android and iOS devices.
You can find the answers to this game in many different ways. Just take a look at the links below to find the best way for you to search quickly.

Although, Codycross starts out as pretty easy game, as you progress along the game, it becomes increasingly difficult. It is nearly impossible for even the most knowledgeable person to know every answer. It goes without saying that getting stuck on a particular puzzle and not being able to solve it for long can kill the interest you might have in the game. The best solution for when you get stuck on a puzzle and can’t find an answer is to find that answer on our website. Here, we have the solution to all the puzzles for all the groups and worlds. Finding an answer quickly to the puzzle you are stuck on will ensure that you maintain an interest in the game and keep the learning going.

Codycross Answers

Codycross answers by group and puzzle number.

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Download Codycross

Although, initially it was only available for iOS users, its humongous success with the users compelled the developers to make it available on Playstore as well. In case you still haven’t downloaded the game, here are the links.

  • Download Codycross for Android.
  • Download Codycross for iOS (iPhone or iPad)
  • Codycross for Windows? Actually there is no version of Codycross for windows user. But you can download a game emulator for Windows (like bluestacks) and then download Codycross from Google Play.
  • Codycross for Facebook? At this time there is no Facebook app for Codycross. It seems that developers have forgotten about Facebook nowadays.
  • Codycross for Kindle? There is no version of Codycross for Kindle at this time, nor do we know if the developers are planning to make one in the future.
How to play CodyCross

Well it is pretty easy to play Crodycross, especially if you have played other ‘word-based games’ before.
First you have to select your language, since Codycross is available in 9 languages and many more can be added in the next months.
The game is organized in “Worlds” or categories. Each world has 20 groups and each groups has 5 puzzles. Each puzzle contains 15-20 clues. All you have to do is guess the clues to pass to the next group.

FAQ Codycross
Although we are not the official website for this game, we can address some of the problems users are having when playing Codycross. If you have any more questions or are experiencing any issue with the game, please contact us.

Codycross will not load.
Sometimes there might be a problem with your smartphone, especially if you are using a lot of apps. Try restarting your phone and see if this solves the problem.

When will codycross get new puzzles out?
A lot of people are asking when are new codycross puzzles coming. The developers of Codycross make regular updates. In the recent months there has been an update every 3 weeks, but this may change in the future.
Why does codycross keep crashing?
This was a problem at the begging. Since then, the developers have made changes so that the apps performs better. Sometimes this can happen again if you are using an old smartphone with low RAM (random access memory).

How many levels are in CodyCross?
It depends on the language you are using codycross. In English there are actually 680 groups at the time, but this number may vary since the Fanatee Inc makes regular updates. For some other countries Codycross is pretty new. For example for Netherlands there are only 200 Groups at this time. My guess is that Codycross will grow with the years as a lot o people are captivated by this game.

How to sync codycross across devices.
Just connect codycross to facebook. Your progress on the game will the associated to that facebook account. This way, you will be able to transfer your progress on other devices.

How to contact codycross
The best way to contact Codycross developers is by sending an email at [email protected]. In alternative leave a message at Google Play. They answer all the questions you might have pretty quickly.

What are codycross tokens used for?
As you progess in the game you will earn tokens. Tokens can be used to reveal letters in the grid, so it makes easier for you to find the answers to the puzzles.

Is codycross free?
Yes Codycross is free for everyone. Of course the developers must make some money to pay the employees so the game shows some ads. Almost every game has ads in order to pay the bills 😊. There are some additional levels (packs) for which you have to pay, but this is only for those who cannot get enough from Codycross. For the rest of us there are plenty of levels in the regular groups/puzzles of the game. We encourage you to pay for these additional levels. This is a good way to reward the developers of the game, and ensure that many more free levels are added every week. And lastly you have unlimited access to all puzzles and there are no ads if you subscribe to codycross.

How do I subscribe to CodyCross?
You have to open the Packs page at the beginning, then click on “Unlock more than 4500 puzzles”. You will get the “Premium access” page which is shown in the picture below.

codycross game

To summarize the paid version of the game:
• You will get 40+ new puzzles every week.
• Different difficulty levels (‘piece of cake’, easy, medium, hard)
• Themed packs (you can play with a theme that you are more familiar with)
• As mentioned earlier there are no ads if you subscribe.
Subscription plans (Be aware that plans may change in the future rendering this information obsolete).
• 4,79 US$ per week (you will get 30 bonus tokens)
• 11,99 US$ per week (you will get 150 bonus tokens)
• 77,99 US$ per week (you will get 250 bonus tokens)

Why should you play Codycross?
If you are looking to improve your language ability and knowledge, this game is for you. Most importantly, it improves your knowledge in an amazingly fun way. The main character of the game is an alien Codycross who crash landed onto Earth. Codycross needs to learn more about the world and to do that he has to solve puzzles. So, you solve puzzles as Codycross alien is navigating different worlds, groups and puzzles. The game is arranged impeccably so that as you progress from lesser difficult levels to high difficult levels in a logical way. The design of the game is also beautiful. The game requires you to solve all the words on crossword puzzles making use of the hints. Although, the game might seem easy in the beginning, it becomes difficult as you progress along the levels.
1) Beautiful design
2) Various engaging worlds and themes
3) Novel gameplay
4) Ability to sync Facebook to save progress
5) Challenging yet solvable

Arrangement of codycross game:
Codycross contains number of levels. The game is divided into worlds, groups and puzzles. Each world contains 20+ groups and each group contains 5 puzzles. Each world comprises a unique adventure with unique theme ranging from “Planet earth” to “Seasons”.

Latest update: Brazilian Tour.
Here you can find the answers to the last category added to Codycross. The name of the category is “Brazilian Tour” and it has 20 Groups. Here is the complete list of the lastest groups added. Just select the group you are stuck right now.

Final Words.
In order to ensure that you remember our website, we would suggest that you bookmark it. We ensure that our website stays update so you will never face a problem in finding solution to new levels as they are made available on the website soon after they are added into the game. The answers available on our site are free and you don’t have to pay anything to access them. We also take extra care to ensure that the answers are 100% correct. We have a user-friendly website and intuitive layout so you can access the answers without any hassle.